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Aloe vera is a unique plant with many health benefits that is almost rootless and has long, thick leaves that form a jelly-like liquid, with little cost or planting. Which grows in all conditions and even people in their own homes can plant and maintain in pots. High quality aloe leaves are very convenient and profitable for export and are a good choice for sale to different countries, as this plant often grows in hot and dry environments and the conditions for its production are available in our country.

High quality aloe leaves to export

Exporting aloe to Europe

Exporting aloe to Europe In recent years, aloe vera exports to European countries and many neighboring countries, etc. have increased greatly in our country, which has caused many manufacturers to engage in this activity and to consider exporting it to fall.

Aloe vera planting has many economic benefits and a number of reasons:

• Planting and harvesting is possible in all seasons.

• It does not cost a lot of money and can be used with the least amount of money and capital.

• This plant can be considered permanent because it can be harvested up to several times and for several years is only profitable for the producer.

• Due to the numerous properties it has a good sales market and the demand for it is always high.

• It does not require special expertise and is planted in the old way by cutting.

• It requires little irrigation and is mostly drip irrigation.

• No need for different chemicals and fertilizers.

The above causes many producers to produce aloe vera and because our country has a good climate for cultivation of this plant, its producers obtain very high quality aloe vera.

Due to its many medicinal and hygienic uses, many pharmaceuticals and cosmetics companies are its main buyer and recently this plant is available in a variety of products including gel, paste, cream and compote and beverages … at home and abroad iran sells and aloe vera pulp export to many countries around the world.

Which country produces the most aloe vera?

Which country produces the most aloe vera? Many countries are active in the production of this plant, the largest of which is China, which has the largest production and has been successful in exporting and has occupied a large part of the world market.

It is one of the largest aloe vera bulk suppliers, which also produces a variety of products made from this plant, and you may be interested to know that it is also a major consumer of aloe vera itself.

What is the cost of aloe vera?

What is the cost of aloe vera? Many experts consider aloe vera a way to make money because of its low cost. If the environment is warm and suitable for the production of this plant, it will not cost much to spend on raw materials and is harvested two or three times during the year and thereafter there will be no profit for the producer.But if you do not have the environment to produce it, you can plant it in a greenhouse that costs a little more.

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Aloevera plant invite you for buy the best product.

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